March 05, 2010

Update from Winter Wonderland

Talked to my Dad in South Africa today on Skype for $0 ... realizing my phone bill won't have an extra $25 charge on it for the call .. priceless ...

Haha finally Dad has dragged me into the Skype world. I wasn't purposely avoiding it, just lazy. It'll be much nicer on the pocket book to chat for free and not to mention it throws in the webcam video to boot. It was nice to see everyone!

The update of my cross country ski trip .. Well I did it and that's all that matters. I really did start getting nervous the day before we left realizing that I had never biked, walked, ran or did anything physical for 20 kms. I quickly started to doubt myself. It was a nice trip though. I had such a good time and felt so proud for making it .. however I didn't look that great doing. I'm not sure I was all that graceful to watch .. but I made it. Huge heaving pack on my pack and all! And yes I did carry my own beer in ...

We also happened to have a lovely snow day that week, the only one we've had all year ... it's only taking me about 30 years to realize that as a Canadian I may as well just embrace the cold old white stuff .. dress for it and it's not that bad at all!

You know though, right now, we don't have one bit of snow. Usually down here we would still be looking at getting hit by atleast another snow storm or two in March but I have to say I don't see much snow in the forecast at all. I guess it will be skiing at Martock on man-made ski trails.

February 05, 2010

Let's see how quickly I can update and eventful two months

Ok so we left off making cookies ....

Quick review of Christmas .. we lost power, for HOURS, so we packed up everything and had Christmas at mom's because atleast she had a generator .. something we will be buying for next winter .. everything turned out great, lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of family and lots of presents ... it was a wonderful Christmas (early Christmas that is)

Then came Christmas Eve, the packing, the airports, the planes, the airports, uhh the airplane food .. we survived it, the kids did better than I expected, however I suspect it will be a while before any of smokers that that many kids through Heathrow again. All good though.

Then we arrived to Dads, where I thought the heat the first day was going to kill us. Joshy's poor little face was so red I didn't know what to do, except throw him in the pool. I have posted a bunch of pics on facebook, also Caitlynn and Kelsey have theirs up as well.

Overall of the trip, Dad provided for us quite well, a chef, maids/nannies on staff. It was so nice to not have to do laundry for three weeks, that was a huge gift in itself. Arthur was an amazing Chef and really opened our eyes to cooking and eating more healthy. Since coming home we've been more organized with our shopping list and the weekly menu is created on Sunday. We have managed to make some good changes to our eating since being back. Ok enough about the cooking .. you have to understand though it was the kids favourite part of the day. They would look for Arthur all morning to find out what was for breakfast/brunch and then bug him about what was for supper. Another plus is he made Kelsey a seperate vegetarian meal every day. Totally spoiling her.

The heat was great, a nice change from our winter. The bars were fun. Sun City was amazing and requires a whole post in itself. It was so nice to be able to spend time with my Dad, but it was touching to be able to see him spend some time with the kids.

This trip requires personal conversation one on one to be able to story tell right.

A few pics for those who don't check into facebook so much.

I must get going though, I'm preparing for an audit on Monday (yay) and a cross country ski trip with Mike, Derek and JJ this weekend. We are skiing in 20 kms to a cabin in the woods, staying over night and skiing back out 20 more kms. I'm sure I'll make it .. but I doubt the last 5kms in either direction will be graceful .. actually maybe 7. Wish me luck!

See how fresh we look at the Halifax airport getting ready to take off .. we have no idea what is to come .. HAHA

Lots of pool time .. we all appreciated having the pool on the grounds for those intense heat days

Our chef making us some flambe pasta at dusk with some a beautiful view to eat and enjoy with

Another litte chef in the making. Each of the kids took their turn cooking with Arthur!

Dad begging me for another shot of Tequila in one of the outside bars we visited. In fact all the bars were open-air .. well that we went to anyway.

One bar Dad and I got soaked because he thought it would be a great idea to ride the quad into the bike pool .. imagine my surprise when I hit the water .. still a blast though!
Perhaps JJ and I have had one too many shots of Tequila, now we are starting to pose for our pictures .. and not well might I add.

Some long-lasting friendships made (that's my brother Bradley Jack with Joeye)

Joshy's new best friend was this dog we were scared to death of .. well at first anyway. Big loveable cuddly dogs though really once you get to know them.

A beautiful pic from Sun City. Behind Dad and Jo is the Tsunami wave pool .. it was intense. Ripped my bikini bottoms right off and I had to make a choice between saving my undies or my kid .. needless to say Joeye knows how to swim now .. haha I kid I kid

And the animals did some odd things wherever we went. The turles, the lions, the ostrich .. have you ever seen ostrich mate? Very very odd ...

Pics to follow next week of Mike and JJ carrying me out of the woods .. HAHA

December 08, 2009

Cookies, trees and packing ...

We are trying to pull off an early Christmas this year since we are flying out Dec 24th for South Africa to visit my Dad for three weeks .. have I even mentioned that yet I wonder? I've been so busy trying to get ready that my head is absolutely spinning. Can't wait to get some time off work and just relax for a few days .. it'll be so nice!!!

Some pics to entertain you ... Christmas baking with Nanny and JJ's sister and girlfriend and also a pic or two of our tree hunt last night.

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